Deputy Chief Coordinator

Lt Gen Charles Angina

This mission is very much achievable

Esteemed beloved readers, I salute all of you, my fellow citizens. Operation Wealth Creation remains an intervention that our beloved President has commissioned to bring about social and economic transformation in all the households of those who are outside the Money Economy.

The OWC fraternity, under the wise, committed and focused patriotic leadership of General Caleb Akandwanaho Salim Saleh, recognizes this noble mission of delivering our beloved masses outside the money economy. We are therefore motivated to work hard, knowing that those in captivity of poverty are six million two hundred thousand (6,200,000) people. These are 68% of our total population.

Beloved readers, this mission is very much achievable. because of the following factors:
1: The Phase One (01) of this operation, which is the Foundation Phase, is winding up in the coming season “A” of 2018 with some tangible results to give us assurances as below.
(a) Outstanding challenges to OWC missions have been identified.
(b) There are teams put together as Task Forces to turn those challenges to opportunities.
(c) Fundamental national bottlenecks of the struggling economy have also been identified and HE the President has already directed the way forward.
(d) The masses are our greatest asset because they are resonating with our strategies and common efforts.

2: Phase one which entailed mobilization, sensitization and deployment of the coordinators, is at 70% and the efforts are still in high gear. As soon as the CDF releases the officers to be deployed at districts and constituencies as coordinators, we shall shift our gears to the second phase, which is Stabilization

We salute the Ministry of Agriculture, which has tackled the challenges of delayed deliveries and complaints about quality of inputs by fast-tracking the concept of Voucher Card System, which commenced in the second season of 2018.

Ministry of Cooperatives, we can’t thank you enough for accepting to work with OWC to enhance cooperative groups. NAADS/OWC together with National Farmers Federation had embarked on farmer groups in line with enterprise choices. Therefore, this effort shall soon enable us to realize the “primary” and “secondary” society. Ultimately, we shall achieve unions at the district levels and actualize with cooperative societies, which are community driven.

The future is made brighter with the Chief Coordinator, Gen. Salim Saleh, now promoting industrialization and value addition. We for sure are on the right path to success. The problem of high costs of production is also being addressed, as well as that of corruption.

Your Excellency, President Museveni, we salute the directive you have given, of addressing the fragmentation of government into multilayers and eliminating duplication of roles brought by many Agencies, Authorities and Departments.

God Almighty, we thank you for blessing Uganda with huge commercial deposits of different quality rare minerals all over the country. Forever we shall remain grateful.

Lt Gen. Charles Angina
Deputy Chief Coordinator - OWC